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ELSOM e-wallet of the Ak-Jurok crisis center: +996 707 697 932

As we have already mentioned, the shelter at the Ak-Jurok crisis center provides women and children who have sought help with three meals a day, hygiene products, clothing and temporary accommodation up to 18 days.

The daily cost per person is about 300 KGS (around 4.3 USD as of January 2020). This amount includes expenses on food, clothing, transportation with the city, and hygiene products that are necessary during their stay at the shelter: toothpaste, toothbrush, laundry detergent, hygiene pads, diapers.

Help the Ak-Jurok crisis center provide temporary housing, three meals a day, and financial support for women and children in difficult situations. You can support us by transferring a small or large amount to our electronic wallet ELSOM (works only within Kyrgyzstan) or to our bank account. For us montly 20 USD are more important than 140 USD once a year. We seek regularity in support.

All your donations will be used to support women and children.

You can also contact us and hand over hygiene products, clothing and non-perishable food items for the shelter.

The number of women who come to us at the Ak-Jurok crisis center has been increasing year by year. As we mentioned on the homepage, over the past 7 years their number has grown by 53% but despite this our employees have repeatedly thought about closing down the crisis center. All because of irregular funding with a regular flow of women and children in need.

The Ak-Jurok crisis center has been looking for regular sponsors for the shelter since 2018. Our founder Darikan Asilbekova has repeatedly made this request through various media channels. For example, on January 12, 2018, the television and radio company NTS filmed a video stating that the closure of the shelter and the Ak-Jurok crisis center will have irreparable consequences for women who already have nowhere to go.

You can help the crisis center and the shelter not to close by becoming our regular sponsor and transferring a monthly allowance to our Elsom e-wallet. At the moment we are working on connecting different transfer methods for your comfort.

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